DOUGWHITLEYHEADSHOT1Mr. Whitley grew up in eastern North Carolina.  At the age of four he came in childlike faith to Jesus Christ.  He dedicated his life to Christ while on a church camp-out at the age of eleven.  Doug spent three summers on staff at a Christian camp.  He traveled to Mexico twice on short-term mission trips.  Doug has worked as a sponsor to both Junior and Senior High young people.  He has coached state championship soccer teams and conference championship teams on the college level and took one team to the finals on the national level. 

Doug’s experience with Christian drama began in high school when he traveled for three years with a Christian drama team.  It was during this time that the impact of drama became evident in its ability to reach souls and change hearts as he witnessed the effects on the lives of congregations.

Mr. Whitley holds a B.A. in speech and an M.A. in dramatic production.  He has been a college speech department chairman, a director of special programs at Southside Christian School.  He has appeared in four Christian films, various TV and radio programs.  His acting credits include many Shakespearean roles as well as Biblical roles.  Mr. Whitley is the author of eight Christian plays, several books of short-stories, edited a book on prayer, and he has co-authored an Easter Cantata. 

Doug began his present ministry in August of 1990 after breaking his arms while wiring a friend’s barn.  It was during this time that God strengthened his faith to begin this full time drama evangelism ministry.   Doug and his wife, Cheri, travel together trusting the Lord to meet their needs.  The ministry has taken them from coast to coast, North to South and literally around the world presenting God’s Truth through the lives of these heroes of the faith.  In portraying the lives of these men, Doug feels not only their burden for others, but the burden of portraying men who were giants of the faith.  Each man’s testimony continues to challenge Doug’s own heart and life to be a better servant of God.

photo credit courtesy of Gray K.Whitley