Choose the best characters for your revival, missions or prayer conference, pastor’s conference, camp, school or youth activity



D.L. Moody:  Consecrated to Christ.  This is his testimony from his salvation to the night of the great Chicago fire. “Testimony” and “Law vs Grace”


Charles Spurgeon:  Prince of Preachers, this is a sermon of Spurgeon’s chosen to fit the meeting with a brief biography of this great preacher. “Christ is All” Prodigal Love for the Prodigal Son” “Compassion for Souls” “Harvest Men Wanted”  “God’s Will About the Future”


Uncle Bud Robinson:  Uncle Bud was a southern preacher who lived to see the beginning of WWII.  He had a lisp, a stutter and a great sense of humor.  These are sermons taken from his writings. “Isaiah 35” and “Lazarus”


Torrey: The man with God ‘a back of him.  R.A.Torrey, college president, pastor, evangelist.  These are sermons taken from Torrey’s evangelistic campaigns. “The Reality of Hell” “Our Position in Christ” “The Importance of Prayer”


Hudson Taylor: a man of faith.  This is the testimony of this pioneer missionary for the China Inland Mission.


George Meuller:  Meuller was a drunkard, a cheat and a seminary student when he found Jesus Christ.  God took him from the beer halls to the halls of an orphanage dependant wholly upon God.

E.M. Bounds

E.M. Bounds:  a man of prayer.  This is the life of Edward Bounds, who authored some of the most foundational books on prayer outside the Word of God.

Andrew Murray special effects 21

Andrew Murray:  This is a testimony and sermon taken from the writings of this great South African pastor. “In His Name”


Tyndale 2

William TyndaleSola Scriptura, the scriptures alone.  Tyndale went from the Roman Catholic Church to the translator of the first printed English Bible.  This is his life and a message taken from Hebrews 12 from his translation.


Augustine of Hippo:  This is the testimony and sermon from Augustine’s Confessions.  This early church father wrestled with the doctrines we accept so freely in seeking God’s Truth.


Daniel:  A first person account of the life of this Old Testament Hero.  It is a call for believers to purpose in our hearts to do what is right.


James the brother of Jesus:  Leader of the Jerusalem council.  This is a literal Greek-to English translation of the book of with commentary. “The Book of James”


Paul the Apostle:  from the road to Damascus to Mars Hill.  These are literal translations of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians or I/II Timothy


Peter, the rock:  This is a literal interpretation of the books of I/II Peter with cultural and historical insights.

I John

John, the beloved:  This is a literal translation of the book of I John.

Job warm long 1

Job:  Job tells his story of suffering and restoration. It takes us from Job’s testing until God speaks to Job.


Moses:   Moses takes us through his early life to the burning bush, the Exodus and God’s provision and protection of His people through the wilderness.


James the Apostle:  This presentation is the  Words of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) or the Last Discourse of Jesus  (John 14-17) given by an inner circle disciple.


Simeon:  This Christmas presentation takes many of the Prophetic passages of scripture from Genesis 3:15 to the fulfillment of Simeon’s prayer when he saw the Messiah in the arms of Mary as recorded by Luke.


King David:  David takes us through the Psalms that arose from specific occasions in his life, like Psalm 51, written to comfort his own heart

Each character is portrayed in period costume and make-up. Every presentation has a strong Gospel message and challenge to personal Christian growth.  The lives of these men provide outreach to the seeker and encouragement to believers new and old.